The night before the travel

9 Apr

Tomorrow, Ross and I will travel to Bergen, the first of the three cities that we will get to know in this project. We have lots of things to do and many people to meet. Our equipment is loaded and ready to make us look ‘strange’ and ‘interesting,’ for sure!

Ross looking dorky


Jun looking dorky, too

What’s with this outfit? We will tell you more about it in a few days. Exciting, isn’t it?

Now seriously…

Ross and I have never been to Bergen. Traveling to a new place that you have never been to before gives you a special feeling. There is an anticipation of something unexpected, unfamiliar and strange. But also a certain feeling of assurance: you may somehow experience something with which you feel connected to the place, and also something that may be familiar and common to all of us.

There is also another feeling that I want to share. The sense of leaving. While it will be a short trip, I am being acutely aware of that I will leave Aberdeen and that my wife and two cats will be waiting for me during the trip. While in Bergen, part of me will always face where Aberdeen is. The link between Aberdeen and Bergen that I effectively create by making this trip is significant for me. It will be a huge part of who I am, at least when I am in Bergen.

Ross and I hope to collect as much video and sound materials as possible during our visit. These materials will be used for our creative projects, such as compositions and installations. But also we hope to meet people in Bergen and create a collaborate network that will continue and grow.

Will keep you updated on our activities soon!

– Jun




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