Journey to the sea: Bergen – Videos

11 Apr

It was a big day today for our project in Bergen. It was the day we documented our journey to the sea.

This morning Ross and I were joined by Sigurd, a composer and fellow from the Grieg Academy. Each of us had a portable HD camcorder (ContourHD) and a set of binaural mics to document our journey.


DSCF1186 1

(From left to right: Sigurd, Ross, and Jun)

Each of us started our journey from the Grieg Academy and headed in three different locations in Bergen that led to the sea. Along the way, we asked people which way the sea was and how we could get there.

Below are some short excepts from the videos that we took during the walk. (The sounds you hear from the video clips are not from the binaural mic recording; they are from the video cameras’ internal mic.)


Jun’s journey to the sea in Bergen (excerpt)


Ross’s journey to the sea in Bergen (excerpt)

Sigurd’s journey to the sea in Bergen (excerpt)


The video documentations from Bergen, and more from Aberdeen and St. Petersburg, will be used for our audio-visual installation.

We will upload some binaural recordings tomorrow. It was very productive day. We walked a lot, collected a lot of sound and video materials that we liked, meet some great people in Bergen. But we are so tired and need to go to bed.

It finally started raining in the afternoon. I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow so that we can go up to the mountain for more recordings.


– Jun




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