Why you can’t see the sea in St Petersburg…but they treat their men well

23 Feb

Well – it’s been an interesting day, to say the least. We set off this morning on another of our walks recorded on video with headcam and audio with binaural mics. It’s very cold and the sleet/snow this morning was not helpful…anyway – as you know we are trying to record journeys from parts of the city to the sea. Today is actually our third attempt at trying to finally reach the sea – batteries in the headcam have got the better of us until now. We set off with great intentions having planned to aim for a tiny bit of land on the coast which looks out to the Gulf of Finland. After 2 hours we arrived here:


The sea is under the bridge but they don’t really want us to go there. The sign says something about a Car Wash but I think this is an unnecessary diversion…we tried to get through but there is a lot of barbed wire and things blocking hte way – it seems to be some sort of docks complex but we don’t really know. All we want to do is to see the sea. Actually – this is a pretty pointless exercise at hte moment in St Petersburg as last week with temperatures down as low as -25 degrees celsius, the rivers, canals and sea froze anyway, so all the water looks strangely like solid ground with snow on it.

So, we tramped back to our favourite new place to get warm – Bar Idiot – where we were presented with free frozen glass of vodka and an interesting pickled fish sandwich. We were told this is because today (Feb 23rd) in Russia is Men’s Day. We knew there was a public holiday today but knew nothing of this special day. Things got better as we settled down to edit more sound files and wonder whether we were ever going to see the sea again.



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